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Building Department FAQs

All fees are listed in the Township Fee Schedule, which can be viewed by clicking here. If you have any specific questions, please contact the Township office by calling (269) 857-7721.

Q: What do I need a permit for?

A: The projects most likely to require a permit are those that change the structure or use of a building or have the potential to create unsafe working conditions. For example, you will likely need a building permit to: add or remove walls, change the use of a room, change the piping in your house, re-roof your house, or demolish a portion of your house.
Projects that don’t usually need a permit include: repainting your house, installing a new front door, replacing certain kitchen appliances, changing out faucets, or erecting a small fence.
In addition to obtaining a building permit, depending on the scope of your project, you might need to obtain special system permits, such as electrical, plumbing, or mechanical permits. For example, you might need to obtain a plumbing permit if you plan to install an underground lawn sprinkler. Or, you may need a mechanical permit to install a central air conditioning unit.
The best way to determine whether your project needs a permit is to consult the building and permit office.

Q: What happened after I submit my building permit application?

A: After a building permit is submitted, the application and plans are reviewed for completion by the Building Official and the Zoning Administrator. The Building Inspector will review the application and plans for compliance with Michigan Building Code. The applicant will be required to contact the Saugatuck Township Fire Department to schedule for their review and approval. After all of the reviews, the permit is issued and inspections are scheduled. Finally, when the project ends and all inspections are passed, a certificate of occupancy is issued. For more information, click here to view the building permit process chart.

Q: How long is my permit valid?

A: Permits are valid for one year from the issue date. If an extension is needed, the fee will be 50% of the original permit cost. The permit is then valid for two years from the original issue date. Permit fees are due prior to the issuance of the permit.

Q: What happens if I don’t get a permit?

A: It is required to get a permit for certain projects. If a permit is not issued and a project is started, there are a number of events that may happen: you may be fined and you may have to demolish what work was done. Some variables will decide the outcome of an unpermitted project (such as value of project, location of project, type of project, what work has taken place, etc). Apply for a permit to avoid these outcomes.

Q: What happens if I want to cancel my permit?

A: A permit may only be cancelled if no inspections have been performed. In the event you wish to cancel a permit, only 50% of the permit fees are refundable, the other 50% is kept as a processing fee.

Q: Where can I get a permit application?

A: Permit applications are available on our website and can be dropped off or mailed. Alternatively, you can email completed forms below:

Physical copies of permit applications are available at the Township office.

Q: When do I have to pay for my permit?

A: Payment is due before the permit is issued. The permit will not be issued until the permit is paid in full.

Q: How can I pay for my permit?

A: You may pay with check, money order, or exact cash at the Township office, or you can pay online with a credit card (with a 2.85% convenience fee).
Note: we cannot process a credit card at the Township office.

Q: How much is the building permit fee?

A: The base fee for a building permit is $85 with a $3.50 per thousand-dollar project value. Permit fees are capped at $7,500, not including additional inspections or professional services deemed necessary. Click here to view the Township Fee Schedule.

Q: How much is each inspection?

A: Each inspection is $85. Click here to view the Township Fee Schedule.

Q: How do I schedule an inspection?

A: For an inspection, you will contact the appropriate inspector. Please see the inspector list below. If you have any other inspection needs, please contact the Township office at (269) 857-7721.

Building:ElectricalMechanical / Plumbing
Cindy OsmanGord BoschBob Modreske
(269) 857-7721 ext. 108(616) 396-1448(616) 477-4940

Q: My question isn’t listed here, what do I do?

A: Please contact the Township office at (269) 857-7721 or use the email button below with any additional questions.